I Am Not a Crook

12 10 2008

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I Am Not a Crook, originally uploaded by Tucker Lee Phillips.



23 04 2007

I am lost.  I have gotten confused in my ways.  I set out for the path to the jungle, but ended up on the one to the ocean.  I don’t know where to turn around.

Please help


A Fear of Words

26 03 2007

Why are people scared of words?  When people die, it’s always passed away or moved on, never died.  People never say I’m sorry so-and-so died, only I’m sorry for your loss.  What did you lose?  People are scared of saying their opinions, they’re scared of what follows, the opinions that others will have of them.  People are scared of saying what they’re feeling.  It makes them weak.  People are scared to say they’re pregnant or they’re gay for fear of the outcome.  It’s so sickening that people are forced to be scared of such unimportant things.   People shouldn’t be forced in repression.  They should be able to say whatever they need without fear of anything.  People shouldn’t be scared of the words themselves.  They should just be able to say whatever they like in a blunt way.  Cut out the middle part that needs to be deciphered.  Say what you mean.  You’ve only got once to get it right. 


4 03 2007

How do we decide whom to trust?  There are so many ways today that trust can harm us, but how do we know who is trustworthy and who isnt?

Big Wisconsin Brew Fest, 2007

14 02 2007

This is News?



So somebody came up with the idea that you could brew your own beer. And then my dad heard about it, and now we have about 40 bottles full of some ungodly, foul-smelling concoction laying all over the house. I’ve been told that this stuff is going to “ferment” and “age”, and that we’ll only have to live with the horrible stench for a little while longer. As for right now, it smells like somebody threw a raging kegger and forgot to clean up. I’m not even old enough to drink, so I don’t see this as much of a good thing. My dad though, the man is excited. This is a pretty big deal apparently, and I have to admit it was quite an ordeal.



The worst part was definitely the brewing. Basically, the idea seems to be to throw a bunch of awful-smelling mixtures together in a giant steaming pot, and then forget about it for a week. The smell makes sure that that doesn’t happen, and the lid kept popping up. This was probably a result of the chemical reactions going on, but if you asked me, I’d say it’s the pure smell trying to escape. And then we opened it up, and there was a bunch of stuff growing on the top. Just stuff. I don’t know how else to describe it, other than a bunch of grimy tan gunk floating around in what is supposed to result in beer. And I’m no beer expert, so I’m sure this is all just par for the course, but man, it’s disgusting. This had better be one heck of a batch.


Ale Pail

After the whole ordeal of getting the lid off the huge pot that has been sitting in our bathroom for a week and a half, the siphoning began. In laymen’s terms, this means we stuck a big hose in it and watched if empty into another giant pail. Which would’ve been fine, except it spilled all over the floor, and it still smelled. Eventually, it all got into bottles somehow, and they were all capped and sealed. Now, I would assume, we wait for everything to settle down. Of course, I can’t actually drink any of it, but right now the word from the experts is “it needs some time to age”. So was it all worth it? I didn’t actually do much of anything, except take these pictures, so I’d say yeah. It gave my dad something to do, got us all in the same room, and resulted in 2 cases full of beer. And really, isn’t that all you’d really need?


Instrument of Torture

11 02 2007

Don’t Fret

Somebody out there has a really sick mind. They apparently decided to make one of the most popular musical instruments on Earth the most agonizing. Sure, it’s played by thousands of people, but that doesn’t mean that it’s OK. I mean, the thing looks evil to start with. And then people started calling it an axe, and bashing it on stage. Why can’t more people play something peaceful, like the french horn? Then I wouldn’t have to take so much punishment. That’s another thing too, who decided to make the strings out of metal? That’s just unholy. Do you have to grow calluses on your fingers to play the trumpet? I don’t think so.

A Long and Lonesome Road

So I guess I’m trying to learn how to play guitar. Which isn’t an easy task, let me tell ya. You see all these people playing it so naturally, and I can barely switch between three different chords. I’m pretty sure my guitar is out of town, but I’m afraid it’s probably just my fingers doing what they do best. I also seem to have the delusion that electric guitar has just got to be easier than acoustic. I mean, all my friends can play electric guitars, and they’re my friends. That has to mean something, right?

I’m still not really sure what my goal is here. I mean, I want to learn how to play guitar, but I’m not exactly sure why. I would assume it would be to play music, but I can already do that. I guess it’s just so I can say “Hey, I can play guitar”. But that doesn’t seem like much of a reason. Still, I’ve tried and quit before, but this time, I’m sticking with it. Because we all know that the world needs another guitar player, there’s just not enough of them to go around!

If I could punch You-tube in the Face, I think I would

9 02 2007

Once upon a time…

I used to like youtube.com. I really did. No, seriously. Heck, I’ve got about 20 videos up there (all of them full of creativity and personality, I’m sure), and I’ve watched more videos than I probably need to, or should. It’s only recently that I’ve come to hate youtube with a passion, and not just for creating a giant creative vacuum from which nothing can escape. No, it’s not just that, it’s the idea that youtube.com is taking over the internet with no real reason to do so. It’s got some great videos, sure, but it’s also filled with millions of videos of people staring slightly below the camera ranting about any subject that pops into their head. This leads us to something I like to call the “Youtube-ification reaction”.

It’ll be the end of us all…

So this is how it usually works. Some loser goth kid rants about his cat. That’s understandable, I hate cats too. Then some other, potentially less gothic tween watches the video. The kid says, “hey, I also hate cats! This guy is so relatable!”. This could, of course, be the start of a beautiful, goth-flavored friendship. Instead, the 2nd kid makes a video talking about why he hates cats, and sends the first video to his (understandably) small collection of friends. They send this to their friends, and so on, and then it gets posted to some blog or website, where the whole world sees it. Since everyone needs their 15-seconds of fame these days, youtube seems to be filled with the same type of video. And yet…they’re still popular. This needs to be documented, so one day we can all sit back and wonder why some *ahem* lonely girl was so insanely popular for a split second. I hope it’s soon.

You got your crap in my Superbowl

Here’s the absolute worst part. Since people who get payed to think seem to be unable to think anymore, they simply decided to get other people to be creative for them. For free. This is both completely awesome and totally sad, since the best commercial this year during the Superbowl was produced for under $100. If money can’t make stuff creative out of sheer force of will like it used to be able to, where does that leave us consumers? In the dark, apparently, and I’m fed up. Get your ads off my youtube, and take your stupid cat-rants with ’em. If I wanted to hear someone complaining about cats, I’d do it myself.